I am an immigration and border reporter currently based in Tucson, Ariz. I was born in Juárez, Mexico, and raised across the border in El Paso, Texas, where I began my journalism career.

Growing up, seeing people running through our backyard, Border Patrol agents at their heels, or people crossing through holes in the border fence in Anapra, was not seen as anything unusual – it was all part of life.

I first became interested in immigration issues when I was pursuing a master’s degree in Madrid, Spain, and I learned and wrote about Moroccan children making their way to Spain illegally and finding themselves without any options once they turned 18 and all help provided to them as minors disappeared.

My interest continued when I moved to Tennessee, a place experts now call a “new destination” state because of the large influx of immigrants moving to that part of the country, away from more traditional places such as Texas and California. As the diversity reporter for a regional newspaper in Chattanooga, I saw how it all begins. The challenges and successes that come with an incoming immigrant population gave me a completely different perspective of what immigration is.

Coming back to the Southwest, but now as a reporter tracking the new trends and covering life along the border, has put into context everything I saw as a child.

I have written immigration stories from Europe, Central America and Eastern Africa – and one thing that is clear is that immigration is a global issue that just about every country is trying to figure out.

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